NIJ 05 Ballistics


The GH Vanquish is designed with lightweight materials that offer extreme comfort and flexibility. Using Hybrid Technology, the Vanquish delivers unparalleled wearability while meeting 2005 Interim Standards.


The GH Lite series provides great comfort and flexibility by utilizing a hybrid of Twaron and Goldflex that offers superior protection and increased trauma performance.


The GH Pro series offers excellent protection at an affordable price. The utilization of high tenacity aramid fibers in a special combination of premium weaves affords the wearer a superior level of protection at a reasonable cost.


The GH Flex special threat series is designed with 100% Aramid material and achieves the pinnacle of flexibility and performance. Independently tested against the Winchester 9mm SXT and SPEER Gold Dot, the Flex delivers high stopping power and excellent trauma performance while being one of the most flexible solutions available.